9 portraits

Portrait of the artist walking home from kindergarten, wearing an Indian headdress made from multicolored yarn and construction paper.

Portrait of the artist gnawing the sparkly polish off an already ragged nail.

Portrait of the artist misjudging the ceiling at the bottom of the stairs and spending the bulk of the sleepover at the emergency room with his mother.

Portrait of the artist pooting discretely as she waits in line at Starbucks, hoping the surrounding effluvia of coffee fumes will provide sufficient cover.

Portrait of the artist holding up his pants with one hand as he runs to catch the 71X.

A portrait of the artist, hung over at 2 PM on a Sunday, searching the cushions of her late-model Datsun for the ring she "borrowed" from her mother's jewelry box.

Portrait of the artist eating an untoasted toaster pastry while on hold with tech support.

Portrait of the artist in the lobby of his dentist's office building, pressing the elevator button repeatedly while a West Indian doorman shakes his head.

Portrait of the artist in Aisle 12 placing a bottle of sweetened ice tea at the back of a shelf after drinking a portion of its contents.*

* Video installation from store security camera also available. See catalogue.

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