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- Hey look, I’m sick and tired of playing wet nurse to you all the time. Will you do your own homework, Marv?

The kid from Kenosha looked at Bill expectantly.

- Huh? Come on! OK, I’ll tell you. That’s the Charlie Sheen character in Wall Street.

The electrical crew was still messing with the lights, even though the female lead had stormed off in tears 45 minutes ago and it had been an hour and a half since they’d filmed anything. The kid was working his way through bits of dialogue from 80s movies. Classics, he called them. Bill acknowledged each bit politely before returning to his copy of Long Day's Journey.

- Anybody famous ever done that play?

- Ever heard of Jack Lemmon or Kevin Spacey?

- The Glengarry Glen Ross dudes? Dude!

Here the kid launched into the Alec Baldwin steak knife speech. When he finished, Bill pointed out that the character was not in the original stage play.

- So which one are you going to be?

- Which what?

- Are you Jack Lemmon or Kevin Spacey?

- I'm playing Jamie, the older... I’m Kevin Spacey.

- Will you go to lunch? Will you go to lunch? Remember that part?

Bill looked at his watch: 2:45 AM. He blinked hard to wet the contacts that were rapidly drying to his eyeballs. Did he really need the $150 he’d make tonight this badly? Yes, in fact, he did.

Image above, kliegs by talented flickr user steveburnett, used under a Creative Commons license.


Nick said...

i KNOW that kid. his senior year the drama coach was prepping A View From the Bridge and she talked to him about the role of Eddie, but he wanted the Rodolpho part because the junior girl playing Catherine was hot...

The eventual spring production of Our Miss Brooks was talked about for years.

Lee said...

Kyle always kept the other scoopers in stitches at Shirl's Custard.