Cagey in Matters Aestival

- Why won't you tell me what you’re doing this summer?

Susan looked up from her book. Todd stood in the kitchen doorway fastening his apron with the single-loop bow he’d recently mastered.

- Like I told you, it's research and I can’t talk about it. Are you looking forward to equestrian camp?

- Fine, change the subject.

Next came the sound of water rushing from the faucet. Susan flipped her readers back down to the bridge of her nose.

- Honey, it's only three weeks. We'll go to the lake when I get back. I promise.

- Can't talk now, this kitchen is a pig sty. Korma must be the Hindi word for explosion.

Image above by talented flickr user neitherfishnorflesh, used under a Creative Commons license.

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Nick said...

funny ol' ripples...