The Reverend Al Bovee

At a school east of town, Reverend Al taught the youth
About Biblical stories and Biblical truth.
From “In the beginning,” on past Habakkuk,
The Reverend knew every last verse of each book.
His diction was stately, his cadence was sure
As with tented fingers he'd parse the scripture.
There were hairs 'cross his head, there were books on his shelf.
The Reverend Al Bovee was pleased with himself.

The pride of the Reverend Al Bovee’s garage
Was a dark green sedan manufactured by Dodge.
This six-cylinder chariot ran like a top.
The wheels made it turn, the brakes made it stop.
It carried him swiftly to the church that he served,
It got decent mileage, was not known to swerve.
It was such a delight that he’d just let it pass when
Boys would snicker and ask, “Reverend Al, how’s your Aspen?”

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Nick said...

Volare, oh oh
E contare, oh oh oh oh
Nel blu, dipinto di blu
E ci dice di stare lassu...