All For Now

One hundred posts in six years is a pretty poor showing in Blogoland. All the same, I'm very happy with what happened here. I started An Oddment of Sandwiches as a place to put a few scattered sentences that didn't fit anywhere else. At some point I found myself actually writing stories, something I did not see coming despite having always intended to. Characters popped up again to suggest new stories for themselves. Two have even made a good argument for getting their own novels. It's a wonderfully strange process.

Even so, all things end, and this blog is now closed for new stories.

There will be at least one more post announcing where you can get a copy of a collection of "short and even shorter fiction," which will include the fruit of labors begun here as well as brand new stories. The collection will be available "later this year" as both an ebook and a paperback. Cost will be reasonable, I promise.

Big thanks to XO, emaw, Nick, and everyone else who took this stuff seriously. You will never know how much it means to me.

Meanwhile, captions continue over at The Odd Sandwich. (Don't be a Tumblr hater stranger, Nick.)

Questions? Leave them in the comments or contact me through leeingalls.com.


Nick said...


i understand but hate to see you go.

...if only because tumblr doesn't allow comments. or your tumblr doesn't allow comments. or something. unless --one supposes -- i join tumblr. but i won't join tumblr. i joined fb 'cause a friend insisted it was the only way to stay in touch with her while she taught art in jordan. apparently jordan doesn't have either snail mail or email. so i joined fb. since then i've had both nsa and jordan's gid up my nose. if i join tumblr what are the odds another foreign security apparatus will also reside in my nose? don't make me join tumblr.
stay here.

also...congrats on the book.

Noble Rot said...

Hey, it's been surreal.

Can't wait for the ebook (and the wikileaks documents that come out of Nick's nose).

Lee said...

Nick: I feel you on the comment thing. I'm exploring options like Disqus for TOS, mostly because I'm a huge fan of the comment thread. I think that's what's at the bottom of my failure bond with twitter. ("Failure to Bond," with Matthew McCaunaghey, direct to DVD Fall 2012!) But then I'm also a huge fan of pitchers actually having to bat.

Emaw: That's some honker, huh?

Lee said...

Nick: Disqus commenting added to The Odd Sandwich. You should be able to crack wise under one of your pre-existing bogus identities. You are hereby saved from Tumblr. So put it in your feed reader and quit yer bitchin.

My unlimited love to Nora and the Astas.

Nick said...

you are such the DOOD!