So Is Yours

Stephanie slapped him. He braced for it, puckering his mouth on the slap side.

- Dammit, Brian! You're giving the whole thing away. Everybody is going to know it's coming. 

- Sorry. Are you sure you have to slap me? It's not in the script.

- It was your idea, Spielberg.

- Yeah, but you're slapping hard.

- Sorry, but your character is a jerk.

- So is yours.

- So why are they in love?

- I don't know.

- My sister Marcy and her boyfriend are totally like this.

- Even the slapping?

- I don't think so. Maybe. Marcy was a big slapper when we were little.

- Were your family's ancestral lands on the line?

- No, stupid.

- Can we practice kiss now?

- How about one more slap?

Image above: "Center Stage" by talented flickr user sigma, used under a Creative Commons license.


Nick said...

"Taming of the Shrew" or "Tangled"?

Lee said...

Sorry, the kids asked me to keep this a spoiler-free zone.