Packing Up

- Give me an H!
- Why?
- No, silly, an H!
- No, stupid, why. Like why should I give you anything?

Sheila dropped the pom-poms back in the box and sat down next to Drew.

- What's the matter, monkey?
- Why do you have to go?
- It's college, you know that. Someday you're going to go off to college, too, you know. Of course, it'll be a state school, if you’re lucky, but at least there won't be any pouty babies to leave behind.
- That’s very comforting.
- And you get to live here over the garage. In what will forever and always be known as my room. But still, you get to live in it. For a while!

Drew finally cracked a smile.

- Now let's finish putting all this high school crap in these boxes and get out of here. I feel a Gaskin Blobbins run coming on.
- Are you really keeping this “world's greatest girlfriend” trophy? You and Troy aren't even going out anymore.
- Oh yes, I am. Someday, when he least expects, I'm going to drop it on his big fat head.

Image: pencil jar by talented flickr user Muffet.

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