Regarding The Sycamore Hotel

Penningfeld wanted it. Wanted it bad. He had Daisy talk the Mayor into letting him bid, something that required a waiver (and something that cost the mayor a week of bad press during the next election). And Penningfeld wanted it so much because Mitch and his German backers were bidding, the bunch of kraut hoodlums.

Before you heard about that you couldn't care less, Daisy said, slipping back into her bra. Hook me.

Penningfeld laid his cigar in the ashtray by the open window and stepped around to the other side of the desk.

You don't know what that old pile of bricks means to me, he said fumbling with the clasp. Bah! Don't they make these things with Velcro yet?

Some of us are old fashioned, Daisy said as she slid the folder labeled Mitchell Enterprises under the copy of Parade Magazine from that morning's paper.

Image: Crystal Ashtray by talented flickr user zharth, used under a Creative Commons license.

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