Now let us praise

Mrs Dexter's parents were Methodist missionaries in Columbia. She said that one thing she remembered about growing up in Aracataca was the bananas. Jeremy waited for her to expand on this thought. She just smiled at him.

Jeremy listened to the room buzz in his headphones. His ears were growing hot and starting to itch. He noticed that the end of his microphone was starting to waver. He'd been at the community center for almost two hours and was still sort on rich personal histories.

Mr Jenkins drove a city bus for 30 years. He said that some people could be rude sometimes, but not on his route. Mrs Robicheau kept cats and could describe many of their personalities in great detail. Of her time in the Governor's office she had little to say.

The batteries on Jeremy's tape recorder were running low and now Mr Califano had turned on the television again. The former paratrooper, among the first to drop into Anzio, called out, "Springer's on!"

Image above, radiant heat, by flickr user Idiolector, is used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license.

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