The first to go

The wet spring and the late freeze meant they would likely lose the place by late June. Evangeline didn't mind it. She had always hated the farm, the smell and the mess and the endless work. She and her sister Cora were the first to go, just before daylight on a damp Wednesday morning. Uncle Forrest came out from town and loaded their trunk into his Model A.

Aunt Emma will feed you when you get there, mother said. They've got plenty.

The boys would stay. Asa, the eldest, didn't even look at them as they passed out of the kitchen door into the yard. Palmer and Joel looked but said nothing. Dad stopped to kiss Cora on the forehead and his tired eyes were wet with tears as reached out to touch the back of his hand to Evangeline 's cheek. He pulled out his handkerchief as he headed to the barn, hawked and spat.

Those girls are useless out here and you know it, Mother called after him from the doorway. Might as well cry over a dead grackle.

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